Company Profile

Don't you need a break from running again after a long sigh?
A small comma for me and my daily life, as if I were going on an autumn trip after spring and summer.

Magic that makes your daily life a journey, not just your skin but your mind
From basics to details, all the way to you.
I've been thinking and researching with my heart.

a journey to a time when it was purely shining.
I'm coming with REISSU

We are one of the leading beauty device company located in Daegu of South KOREA.
COZMOS means cosmetic Mecca of solution.
We are looking for distributors from around the world who are actively operating.
Thank you.

"Cosmos, which means ""cosmetics of solution,"" has its goal of becoming the center of the cosmetics industry in its name.
Cozmos is a beauty device developed by itself with a mask pack beauty device scheduled to be released next month, and its strategy is to become the center of the cosmetics industry.
It also plans to accelerate its entry into overseas markets.
This year, it plans to focus on promotion to enter Southeast Asian markets such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand and the European market in the Americas.
In addition, it plans to establish a branch in China to establish a production base.
Until now, beauty devices have forced consumers to time, money, and effort.
Our race is a product designed to provide simple and easy methods and access to beauty devices at reasonable prices."

Company History

May, 2020 Ion Booster Ray Water Release
September, 2019 Acquire KC Certification
March, 2019 2019 Additional Course Selection for Start-up Success Package
October, 2019 FCC (US) Certification Acquisition
October, 2019 CE (Europe) Certification Acquisition
October, 2019 Patent Registration (No. 10-2036475)
October, 2018 The establishment of a company

Factory / Branch Office


  • The person in charge

    Changhwa Lee
  • Telephone

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  • Address

    280 Daehak-ro, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do (38541)
Business Type Manufacturer
Main Product Mask sheet ion booster, REISSU
Established 2018-10-08
Total Annual Revenue Less than 100 million (KRW)
Total Employees Less than 5